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The contents of this website are organized around the history and genealogy of four families.

The Code and Potts families are the ancestors of Milton Edward Code and his wife Edna Louise (Potts) Code. The Code ancestors immigrated from County Wicklow, Ireland to Lanark County, Ontario, Canada in 1820 with some members continuing on to Walsh County, Dakota Territory around 1889. The Potts ancestors immigrated from Germany to Baltimore County, Maryland sometime between 1750 and 1760. The family moved to Ontario, Canada around 1789 where several generations resided before descendants immigrated to the United States around 1875.

Milton and Edna (Potts) Code (1907)

The Hildre and Reiten families are the ancestors of Ole P. Hildre and his spouse Berthine Enga Josephine Reiten. Hildre and Reiten ancestors shared a very long history of residency in the area referred to as Hildestranda in the “county” of More og Romsdal in Norway with branches of the family immigrating to America around 1890. Ole and Berthine “Tina” were married in June of 1896 and raised their family in the small town of Petersburg located in northeastern North Dakota.

Ole and Berthine "Tina " (Reiten) Hildre (1896)

Each family is provided with a section describing ancestral history and records of their family genealogy.

History: The family history portion is meant to be a summary that can be navigated rather quickly if that is the intent. There are links within each history that are included to provide facts, stories and pictures for those that wish to pursue additional information.

Genealogy: While much genealogy is provided as part of the family history, the family genealogy section will provide a more focused approach and additional information. For the sake of privacy, personal information for most living individuals will be excluded from genealogy records. Those with included information will be included by consent.

Family Charts: provide a more graphic look at genealogy that includes information regarding the spouses, children and grandchildren of each known ancestor.

For information derived in part or in totality from other sites, identification or links to the original sources are provided.


The majority of the information provided in these family histories and genealogies has been derived from reputable sources including the sites listed below (Major Sources). Be aware that the absence of a spouse or children in the records does not necessarily mean that none existed – only that records for them have not been found. Many, but not all, source verifications are documented in personal files but not provided here. The information provided here should be accepted with a degree of caution. Many original entries, especially census records were handwritten by individuals with varying degrees of education and penmanship abilities. In addition, handwritten records can deteriorate over time. Data converted to digital computer records are dependent on the transcriber's ability to read the records correctly as well as avoid entry errors.

Supplemental Genealogy

Code-Potts Genealogy - Gaubert

An extremely helpful source is a document titled The Code Family researched and compiled by Alonzo Lewis Gaubert in 1978. His work provided names, locations and stories that that were essential in providing clues toward the sourcing of additional information for the Code and Potts families. Lew Gaubert (1910-1984) was a son-in-law of Milton and Edna Code. A slightly abbreviated version of this work can be accessed here: The Code Family

Potts Genealogy - McIntosh

This Genealogy was posted as page images on Ancestry.com and has been and transcribed to digital format. Some of the images were blurred and difficult to decipher but the majority of the text was transcribed accurately. It is not known at this time, if or how, the author (Frances McIntosh) is related to the Potts family although one of the sons of Philip Potts was married to a Miranda (or Marina) McIntosh.

Potts Genealogy - McIntosh

Code Genealogy - Baily

This is an extensive and well documented genealogy of the Code Family beginning with Thomas and Lady Elizabeth (Twamley) Codd and extending through many branches of their descendants.

Code Genealogy - Baily

Major Sources

Sister Paula Reiten, OSB

The majority of the text for the Hildre and Reiten histories is derived from a very remarkable work complied by Sister Paula Reiten, OSB in a 300-page document titled The Reiten Family Book completed in 1984. This book covers the Reiten family history (including some Hildre family history) in Norway and America through at least five generations.

Author information: Mary Catherine Reiten (S. Paula, O.S.B,)

Brian Baily

Brian Baily has carried out extensive research on the Code family in Lanark County, Ontario Canada as well as their earlier residences in Wexford and Wicklow Counties in Ireland. This site is deeply indebted to his work on Code history and genealogy. The following link connects to his website titled:

In search of my McCreary-Magee-McGee Codd/Code Ancestors in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Brian Baily Site

The Long Point Settlers

This website is dedicated to the history and genealogy of the early families in Norfolk County Ontario, Canada and created to help family researchers in their quest for ancestral knowledge. This is an excellent source for the history of the area as well as individual Potts family members and their spouses.

The Long Point Settlers


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